Guangzhou ZSOUND Pro-audio company was founded by several engineers who are born with enthusiasm  for the pro-audio, with the purpose to achieve the true sound.

Along with many years’ project and performance design, installation, alignment, they found it was quite difficult to achieve the sound they expected. Then, they started in pursuit of the pro-audio technology, and dedicated to R&D for more than ten years.

Today, their passion for sound has driven the evolution of ZSOUND from a small speaker office to a company invested in its own factory.

In 2011, ZSOUND began to design Anechoic chamber, which was used in 2013, and company purchased two OUTLINE 3D testing table and EASE FOCUS 2 software.

Meanwhile, they used 3D directivity to test for LA series dual 12inch & single 10inch line array, finished the conversion of test data and the generation of GLL data. In April of 2015, ZSOUND completed 3D directivity test for VC series dual 10inch (VCM) & dual 12inch (VC12) line array and dual 15inch (VCS) subwoofer, which improved science and convenience of performance system analog installation debugging.

At present, only several third-party companies which was recommended by Germany ADA company can carry out, ZSOUND is the 1st audio factory who makes 3D directivity test and GLL data in China.

We not only provide the complete reinforcement system hardware, but also offer system concept and training. Since 2009, ZSOUND has set up three sound technology trainings, including reinforcement, performance, basic system and so on, general engineer teaches SMAART7 testing software, EASE FOCUS 2 sound field simulation software, basic principle of tuning and operation, digital & analog mixer and ZSOUND performance systems, which broadens trainee’s horizons and develops their ideas.

Up to now, there’re more than 30 sessions for this three form of trainings, the number of participant can reach 2,000. In addition, one abroad technical training of sound reinforcement system was held in 2015 January of India .

Currently, ZSOUND products are widely used in touring performance and installation, hot sale in domestic and overseas, which covers different applications, including touring performance, theater, conference room, multi-function halls, clubs, TV station and stadium. Until July 2015, ZSOUND LA110 individual products were sold out over 8000pcs, LA212 also over 3000pcs, besides china sales market, it is also exported to other countries, such as America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia etc, of course, we supported some superstars concert, including Emil, Lisa Ono, Sam Hui, Zhou Hui, Priscilla, and large music festival, New Year''s Eve concerts.

What’s most important, ZSOUND won the specified audio title of the Milan World Expo (China Pavilion) theatrical performances, and provides sound equipment and technical support service for China Pavilion theatrical performance.



In March 2013, ZSOUND set up performance alliance, the purpose is “achieve resource sharing under the premise of the law of the market, promote the growth of alliance members”. And now there’re more than 17 members from ZSOUND performance alliance, users of line array system are up to 1000 throughout the country.

After two-years development, alliance members have successfully made a cooperation with some performance project, such as Kenny’G Tour, Lang Lang Concert, Zero Band Tour and Inner Mongolia Sport etc.

Meanwhile, ZSOUND‘s desire is to provide the best professional audio system and technology service for user, as well as audio company which becomes worthy of audio industry’s respect, the goal is to be the leading international professional audio brand.

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